Fencer Bhavani Devi eyes return to Italy.

For the last few months, two things have been a constant companion for fencer, her dummy sparring partner which she created during the lockdown and the mobile phone she uses to get online classes from her Italian coach Nicola Zanotti.

Bhavani Devi: Living by her sword

Two quick steps - almost a dance - and then the lightning lunge. The tip of Bhavani Devi’s sword plunged into Sarah Jane. A red light flashed; the winning hit is scored. Bhavani pumped her fists and let out a roar. She removed her mask and walked away - she had just become the first Indian fencer to win an international tournament. The big moment came and quietly slipped past Bhavani in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2017. There was no fanfare; no teammate or coach by her side. Just Bhavani and her sword.

Bhavani Devi piques young fencers' interest in sport

Quite a few excited young fencers and some coaches asked questions to Bhavani during the videoconference organised by the Fencing Association of India and SAI

Bhavani Devi: Women need to be strong mentally

I take this period as an important one to analyse my game and myself better. I had back pain a few months ago, so will take this period to recover well.

Fencer CA Bhavani Devi passes time with movies amid Tokyo Olympics setback

For a fencer with minimal support, embarking on the whole process again after being on the cusp is no mean task.

Top fencer Bhavani Devi to start training from Thursday

Since the lockdown in March, Bhavani has been doing footwork and target practice at her terrace, but was limited by space and poor flooring.

Back from Italy in nick of time, fencer Bhavani Devi does target practice with kitbag

Bhavani Devi has given fencing an identity in India and has won laurels at the international level through her hard work and determination.

Firstpost Masterclass: Face of fencing in India, Bhavani Devi breaks down nuances of her craft

The face of fencing in India for the past few years, Bhavani Devi, took off the mesh mask to give us a glimpse behind it. In this edition of Firstpost Masterclass, she explains the nuances of the sport.