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" First Indian fencer to represent the country in the Olympics 2020 and an Arjuna awardee. She has won 17 Medals and owns 40th rank in Sabre fencing with 33.5 points."

Bhavani Devi

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Chadalavada Anandha Sundhararaman Bhavani Devi is the first fencer from India to qualify for the Olympics. She was born in Chennai on 27 august 1993. She dedicated her career to fencing in 2004. Initially, she participated in school-level competitions and later Bhavani Devi participated in her first tournament in turkey.

In 2010, she participated in the Asian championship and managed to secure the bronze medal. After a victory in the Asian championship in 2014, honourable former chief minister Jayalalithaa of Tamil Nadu has offered Bhavani financial aid of 3 Lakh rupees to undergo advanced training in the US.

For The hardships faced by Bhavani Devi, she was qualified for the 2020 Olympics. She tried her best to behold the pride of India being the first fencer to represent India. Bhavani Devi was honoured with the Arjuna award from the Sports Ministry of India. She is now focused on training tirelessly for the next Olympics that is to be held in July 2024.  

Currently, Bhavani Devi is competing in the Asian fencing championship 2022 leading a team of 24 members. She has won several medals in national fencing competitions focused on owning the Olympics medal.

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