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My Olympic journey will never end with 2020

The 27-year-old Bhavani Devi made a mark in Olympic history when she became the first Indian fencer.

Bhavani Devi had a remarkable victory in her first match against Nadia Ben Azizi from Tunisia. Where the next round demanded years of experience and that’s where World number three and Rio Olympics semi-finalist Manon Brunet defeated Bhavani Devi for 15-7.

Bhavani took her loss to Twitter and apologized.

Manson gave a strong play on the first round where she pushed Bhavani Devi outside the play area. This gave Manson Brunet a lead and the round ended 9-2.

Bhavani Devi was more aggressive in the second round, she lead the game with 11-6 quickly. Manson Bruent’s experience was somethings that Bhavani Devi couldn’t compete which ended the game with 15-7.

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