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Bhavani devi with her new coach Christian Bauer

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Bhavani Devi is now experiencing a new vibe in a new city with her new coach.

Coach Christian Bauer received an unavoidable request from his only Indian student a few weeks ago. Bhavani Devi had requested him not to give her a break from fencing, Right after the World cup in Tbilisi which happened in January, on which Bhavani Devi lost the match in the round of 64. While Bhavani Devi was returning to Orleans her trainer gave a few days off to his trainees. But Bhavani Devi was so determinant that she said

"I just didn't want to be alone at home with plenty of time to feel bad about how the tournament went. Every morning I'd wake up and pester coach Bauer to allow me to train,"

"For a week, I felt miserable about my performance. I kept it bottled in and told no one, only the coach knew. It's been hard. I'm still settling into all the changes in my life, particularly in training."

In the past months, Bhavani Devi witnessed a completely new world. She has to go through a new home, new city, coach training and what not?. Wherein it has been only a few months since she has started to adapt her life in Livorno, Italy which was advised by her former coach Nicola Zanotti. Which made her move to France and train under Bauer at his academy.

With the coming years which internal championship matches, the training sessions must be rigorous so that Bhavani Devi could deliver a tough competition.

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